‘O wai ‘o Liliuokalani?

By Shia-Anne English, Ke Kula Kaiapuni-O Hina I Ka Malama

Hui ,

Mai ka aina pule oʻo , a i ka elelani a i ka elehonua ʻo Molokai, Aloha ‘o Shia-Anne i Ka pio mai ake Anuenue English koʻu inoa. ʻO Clayton English, Annette english kou mau makua, No Molokai, Hoolehua mai au. A hele wau i ke kula ʻo ʻO Hina I Ka Malama i ka papa umʻi.   “Kukui a mau i ka awakea”.meaning Torch that contunies to brun in the daylight. Store a symbol of the family of Iwikauikaua. After his darther was put to death by one of his wives, the chife made a torch of the islands of Hawaiʻi, with torches that burn day and night . This became a symbole of his descendants who inclueded Kalakaua and Liliʻuokalani. Our beloved Queen Lydia Lili’u loloku Walania Kamakaeha.

Lydia Lili’u loloku Walania Kamehameha, She was born on (Kepakepa) September, 2th , 1838 , Honolulu ,HI . Her (makua) parents are Kapaakea father and Keohokalole mother. Lili’uokalani was the high ranking descendant Family, from her mother’s side. She was well educated by missionary tradition and tour the West World. David Kalakaua was chosen to be king in 1874, 1877, after his death January 1891.She became the next thrown (Ali’i) chief in the year 1891.

“The overThrow” Befor Kalakaua died him and Lili’u tried to restore some of the traditional autocracy to the Hawaiian throne. She had made herself clear by opposing the renewed Reciprocity Treaty in 1887, signed Kalakaua. That granting privileged of concessions to the United States and to them the port of Pearl Harbor. January 1893, Sanford Dole, leader and missionary party declared lili’u to stand down from her thrown, by United States annexation. Liliu surrendered to avoid bloodshed between people. And ask Cleveland to restate her to her thrown. Cleveland did so, but did not have the authority to intervene. Soon later they put Lili’u under House arrest for treason. She fought for her kingdom, January 1895 the throne was taken from her and her people.

Liliuokalani was the most strongest women i know and learn about. She became a role model in my life sins elementary till this day. She is our beloved queen and i’ll never forget that. She created history and education for Hawaiian kids like me, and the (‘opio) youth of the next generation that come after us. I’ll continue to be a strong, confident, young women like how she was.

As years go on every generation will never forget the Name “LILIUOKALANI”, and what she has done for us as Hawaiians people . And to be proud of that. We know we have to stay (onipa’a) strong As one, like how she was ,and to perpentuat our hawaiian culture in ways we can. E ola mau Lili’uokalani.

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