Who is Liliʻu?

Lydia Liliʻu Loloku Walani Wewehi Kamakaʻeha or also known as Liliʻuokalani was a devoted and loving queen to her people. She cared for her people so much, that she sacrificed her future for her lāhuiʻs dreams and potential. Liliʻu chose peace over the bloodshed of her people when a critical decision was put upon her. This showed Alakaʻi Lawelawe, in her leadership in serving others.

In her lifetime she has composed many songs such as Aloha Oe. It was first heard in the United States in 1883 sung by the Royal Hawaiian Band in San Francisco. She claimed that the tune may not be original but the words are. These words said by her shows how loyal and honest she is. Liliʻu has exemplified Alakai Lawelawe by serving her people. She was able to serve her people by making sure they were given the best treatment. She made sure they were flourishing in their community. In the mele, she wrote about a visit she had at Maunawili Ranch when she saw two people say farewell to each other. Twenty years later, she used this song to tell her people that this was the end of our independence. This was a sad part in our history. Liliʻu chose to do this instead of the blood of our people to be sacrificed.

“Mai nānā ʻino, ʻino nā hewa o kānaka, akā e huikala a maʻemaʻe nō, Behold not with malevolence, the sins of man, but forgive and cleanse” This quote was taken from the Queenʻs composition of Ke Aloha O Ka Haku. She composed this prayer when she was imprisoned and overthrown at her residence, known today as the ʻIolani Place. It was originally built by her brother Kalākaua. The furniture put into the palace was also being put in the White House. This shows how modern her palace was at the time. While imprisoned she composed many songs and this prayer I talked about above was her most famous. Liliʻuʻs actions in writing this prayer show how much she not just cares about the people of her community but the people of the world. In the quote, she prayed to God that he would forgive the Americans for what they had done to her. This takes courage and heart, even today.

She loved her people so much, she served them every day and it definitely showed itself through music. Her humble ways, honesty, and love have made her the role model she still is today. This has made me strive to always grow and become a servant leader in my own community and hopefully become a person that changes the world. I hope one day every girl and women in the world will understand the importance of her personality in the world.

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